Guangzhou: City Village demolition compensation standard location price increased by 10%

Village housing demolition compensation standards will be 280 square meters per villa housing to determine the base construction area for rehabilitation
(Hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"), according to the "Measures", the city village housing demolition compensation standard will be the "Guangzhou City farmers collective collective land acquisition compensation pilot approach" (hereinafter referred to as "measures"), according to "measures" According to the villagers housing 280 square meters to determine the base construction area for rehabilitation and resettlement, and compared with the previous draft, "approach" on the "location compensation unit price" has been adjusted to improve the 10% standard. Guangzhou City, deputy director of the Legislative Affairs Office Liu Qingguo, there are legitimate property rights of landless farmers in residential housing, in accordance with the villagers housing 280 square meters to determine the benchmark building area for rehabilitation and resettlement. If the construction area of ​​the leased house is less than 280 square meters, the construction area is less than 280 square meters. According to the willingness of the owner of the house, it shall be resettled according to the willingness of 280 square meters. The shortage shall be paid by the owner of the leased house according to the Jian'an cost (housing construction cost and house Facilities and equipment installation costs) to buy; more than 280 square meters, beyond the part of the construction area in principle, will not be resettlement, to give monetary compensation, the part of the monetary compensation can be converted into shares of collective property income dividends. "On the issue of compensation standards, although in accordance with the area of ​​280 square meters within the compensation, but the original is in accordance with the Dong compensation, and now can increase the compensation by households." Municipal Law Office normative document review director He Zhaosheng explained. (Reporter Zhang Yuqin) yesterday in the municipal government press conference, the Guangzhou Municipal Government Legislative Affairs Office Deputy Director Liu Qingguo issued "Guangzhou City residential area supporting public service facilities management regulations." Kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools and other public service facilities to be free after the completion of the transfer, and garbage compression stations, substations, etc., or before the first phase of residential projects with the same period to apply for planning permission, if the public support of the construction progress is not required Will suspend issuance of pre - sale permit.

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